Realty ONE Group is a rapidly-growing, innovative, global real estate franchisor dedicated to empowering real estate brokers and agents.

From the very beginning, Realty ONE Group invested in the success of our people - not because it would increase our profits but because we truly care.  The goal was set at tour founding in May 2005 and remains true today: build a company that fosters a unique culture and gives everyONE a voice.

We are a network of big dreamers and high-achieving professionals who have come together to change an industry, make a difference in local communities and support our employees.  

You will never feel stifled or unsupported with us because everyONE matters at Realty ONE Group.

#1 FASTEST GROWING Real Estate Brand in the Nation.

Realty ONE Group is a family of passionate people, working together to help so many fulfill their dreams.  Whether it's to build a real estate office, become a successful agent or to plant roots in the perfect home, we want to do it together as ONE.

Appreciate the communities we live, work, and play.  Give back, spread the positivity and effect change by lending hand.  Helping hands are more than just a symbol.  When these hands come together they complete a circle inspiring others to do the same.

Realty ONE Group strives to move the world forward by supporting our local communities with our 501(c)(3) foundation, Realty ONE Group Cares.


Please call Madlin Betkouchar, at 408-476-1413, for all real estate inquiries.

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